Full Features List

Darcy SEO Checker offers a large list of features that will enhance the efficiency of your SEO check process.

SEO Check Parameters

  • HTTP Details – All HTTP connections are transparent and all details are displayed;
  • Depth Level – Can also be limited to a certain depth;
  • Client Errors – Such as broken links or no responses (No response, 4xx responses);
  • Server Errors – Such as internal server errors or server timeout (5xx responses);
  • Redirects – Temporary or permanent redirect responses (3XX responses);
  • Protocol – Encountered protocols (insecure HTTP / secure HTTPS);
  • Link Issues – Unwanted characters (underscore, uppercase characters, non ASCII characters), long URLs;
  • File Size – Size of all web resources are displayed (text, images, videos and so on);
  • Page Titles – Multiple tags, Is present, Is duplicate, Is too long, Is too short, Is duplicated by H1 tags;
  • Page Meta Description – Multiple tags, Is present, Is duplicate, Is too long, Is too short, Is duplicated by H1 tags;
  • H1 Tags – Is present, Is duplicate, Is too long, Is too short;
  • H2 Tags – Is present, Is duplicate, Is too long, Is too short;
  • Images – All images from a page, missing ref attribute, missing alt attribute;
  • Inlinks – All pages linking to a resource;
  • Outlinks – All links pointing out of the page;
  • Internal Links – All internal links from page;
  • External Links – All external links from page;
  • Limitations – All checked resources can be filtered out by their name, file size, extension, HTTP response code, HTTP response content and many others.

General Application Features

  • Multi-platform – the application can run on any platform that supports and runs Java (JRE);
  • Multithreaded – configurable number of parallel jobs to run at a certain period of time;
  • Memory control options – user can control what happens to jobs after their check is finish;
  • Multiple starting points (URLs) for check job – user can specify multiple hosts on which a check job can run;
  • History – The application keeps a history of all checks, that can be analyzed;
  • Regular Expression Tester;
  • Check for Updates support.

Graphical User Interface

  • Overview – All URLs and the most important issues are displayed in a single window;
  • Real-time check process progress – all checked (in progress) URLs are displayed and the user can check at any time what happens;
  • Pause/Resume/Stop job anytime;
  • Save and Load job template files;
  • Save and Load check sessions – If a session is saved, later on it can be re-loaded and all statistics will be available for analysis once again;
  • Reports – Create and export check session reports on the fly, even from older sessions;
  • Online Help and support.

HTTP/HTTPS Connection Features

  • HTTP/HTTPS support;
  • GZip compression support;
  • HTTP Proxy support;
  • WWW Authentication support;
  • Cookies support;
  • Request customization support: referral behavior, configurable agent name;
  • HTTP response code analysis and configurable behavior;
  • Connection limits support: number of maximum connections per server, retries number control, bandwidth limitation, limitation depending on the HTTP response code.

Download Control Features

  • Maximum search depth support;
  • Maximum number of followed links support;
  • Maximum time limit support;
  • Downloaded file size support;
  • Followed URL prefix support;
  • Hostname limitation support;
  • Save to Disk limitation support;
  • Response behavior limitation matching response header with regular expressions;
  • Response behavior limitation matching response content with regular expressions;
  • Downloaded file content limitation support.