Here you can find some screenshots that reveal features and characteristics of Darcy SEO Checker (click on the images for a larger version).

darcy seo checker finished panel

Darcy SEO Checker provides a simple way of displaying each step of the website verification process, including the currently processed URLs and the finished downloads, along with statistical data regarding the HTTP communication.

darcy seo checker configuration

Darcy SEO Checker provides a large amount of configuration settings you can specify for your download process, in order to obtain exactly the web resources you desire. Some of these configuration features include the possibility of resuming web resources download (same or different download sessions), request cookie header support, basic WWW authentication, filtering requests and responses based on status codes or regular expressions, filtering responses based on their content-type or content overall, visualization of the download statistics or downloads history.

seo statistics

Darcy SEO Checker makes it possible for you to view every step of your verification process. This means that you can visualize any URL that is being accessed or any resource that has been processed/downloaded. Unlike most any other tools, this feature makes it possible for you to notice if something is not working as you expected it and you may stop the process and remedy the issue. Besides the real-time presentation of the download process, Darcy is able to remember and offer to you statistics regarding all your download processes.

seo parameters

The application provides a simple yet comprehensive way of displaying the verification process details. The simplicity makes it possible for the user to observe the most important SEO parameters in the same window.

pdf export

Finished website analysis report can be exported to PDF files, containing comprehensive information regarding all Darcy has detected.